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With an illustrious career spanning 13 years, Bryan Greenberg is an accomplished divorce lawyer renowned for his exceptional trial expertise. Having honed his skills within the bustling legal landscape of New York City, he has now extended his prowess to Middlesex County, New Jersey. A seasoned professional, Bryan navigates the complexities of divorce law with finesse, providing clients with comprehensive guidance and unwavering support. His profound courtroom experience and acute understanding of legal intricacies makes him a formidable advocate for those traversing the challenging terrain of divorce proceedings. Bryan is dedicated to securing the best possible outcomes for his clients, ensuring that their transition to a new chapter is met with clarity and empowerment.

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Bryan graduated from Binghamton University with a dual degree in 2006 and graduated from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in 2009 after six litigation and family law focused internships. He was a finalist at the annual writing and presentation competition for novel applications of law at George Washington University’s School of Law – his applied topic being child protection.


Bryan’s approach to address client’s needs is founded upon a deep commitment to empathy, strategic guidance, and tailored solutions. He understand that every client’s situation is unique, and divorce can be emotionally and legally intricate.

He begins by fostering a strong attorney-client relationship, built on trust and open communication. He takes the time to actively listen to his clients, comprehending their concerns, goals, and priorities. By understanding their individual circumstances, he can offer personalized advice that aligns with their best interests.

Navigating the challenging terrain of family and divorce law demands a delicate balance between assertiveness and compassion. Bryan advocates vigorously for his clients’ rights and interests, drawing from his extensive trial experience when necessary. Yet, he also recognizes the importance of seeking amicable solutions whenever possible. Mediation and negotiation play a central role in his approach, as they often lead to quicker, cost-effective, and less adversarial outcomes.

Ultimately, his goal is to guide clients through the divorce process with dignity and resilience. He empowers them with a comprehensive understanding of their legal options, allowing them to make informed decisions that will shape their future. With a foundation of trust, expertise, and sensitivity, Bryan strives to provide unwavering support as they transition to the next chapter of their lives.

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