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welcome to the law office of bryan greenberg Representation you can rely on for:
Divorce, Family Law (Custody, Child Support), Prenup
Probate, Estate Administration, & Last Will & Testament
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About the Law Office of
Bryan Greenberg

Family crises and conundrums happen. You can rely on our values to help anchor you to weather any storm. Our practice isn’t just about doing what is right – it’s about doing our best each day to provide the finest family legal services and continually raising the bar. Whether you’re going through a divorce, family law dispute (custody, visitation, or child support), probate (of a last will) or estate administration – you can lean on us to help get answers, and count on us to get results.

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Legal Practice Areas

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Breaking up is hard. What you need is experienced legal counsel to help you through the divorce process.

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Estate paperwork is complicated. Let us help you get control of that estate, handle creditors and take care of the distribution plan.

family lawyer family law attorney new york city ny nyc divorce attorney divorce lawyer child support lawyer prenup prenuptial agreement probate attorney probate lawyer last will and testament

Custody, visitation, violations, paternity, grandparents, orders of protection, CPS/ACS. Don’t go it alone, we got this.

prenup prenuptial agreement new york city ny nyc family lawyer family law attorney probate attorney probate lawyer child support lawyer divorce attorney divorce lawyer last will and testament

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Define the terms of your marriage and opt-out of the defaults the State imposes on you.

last will and testament child support lawyer new york city ny nyc family lawyer family law attorney probate attorney probate lawyer prenup prenuptial agreement divorce attorney divorce lawyer

If you don’t provide an estate plan, the State will do it for you. Don’t let the government meddle in your affairs – make and update your Will.

Whether you are not getting enough, or paying way too much, you should review and plan your next moves with a child support lawyer.

Why Clients Choose Us

A History of Family & Court Success

Our core values set us apart from our competitors:

  • Loyalty to our clients.
  • Honesty to navigate the case to a successful outcome.
  • Innovation to improve our practices each day.
  • Courage to stand for justice against fierce opposition.
  • Creativity to find novel arguments in the law.
  • Perseverance to stand with our clients in good and bad times.
  • Commitment to our principles, ethics, and our client’s cause.
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Years of Experience

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    Attorneys and Staff

    High quality legal services

    We are continually innovating and improving our best practices, molding these into our methods to provide consistently excellent services. Whether you are seeking a divorce lawyer, family law attorney, probate lawyer, child support lawyer, prenuptial agreement, or last will and testament – our practice is in a state of constant progression – adapting to changes in the law to provide our best representation yet.

    reviews law office of bryan greenberg divorce lawyer divorce attorney probate lawyer probate attorney child support lawyer family lawyer family law attorney prenup prenuptial agreement

    4.9 out of 5.0

    According to our clients.
    They love us and the excellent services we provide.

    law office of bryan greenberg divorce attorney divorce lawyer new york city ny nyc family lawyer family law attorney child support lawyer prenup probate attorney prenuptial agreement

    Vice President

    Bronx Family Court Bar Association

    2018- present

    Confidential Technology

    We offer a full-service client portal providing 24/7 access to documents, private messaging, upload new documents, and handle invoices.


    Words From Clients

    • Friendly and easy to talk to. He represented my 11 year old niece and she liked him and he made her feel comfortable with the whole process. He did a great job representing her in court.

      Lilia M.
    • Bryan Greenberg is not only the best but one of the top attorney that I ever had in my experience with family court. He make sure that he keeps you posted in a timely matter and he is very sincere without any question. His advices are logical.

      Taina G.
    • Excellent lawyer in family cases.

      Joanna D.
    • I met with Mr. Greenberg. He was professional and on point. He didn’t sugar coat my situation, and explained specifically what my options were and how he may be able to help. he then left it open for me to make the decision. I’m appreciative to his counsel, and it helped me face Family Court date with confidence. Thanks Mr. Greenberg. I may need further services, we will see with the upcoming court date.

    • Showed professionalism and answered all my questions.

      Anna R.
    • Excellent service & has a patien[ce] for all his clients

      Akwasi A.
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      Our Practice

      where we practice

      New Jersey

      For Last Will and Testaments and other estate planning (Power of Attorney, Healthcare Proxy, Living Will) services – out of our New York office or, as arranged, out of one of our coordinated satellite office locations in New Jersey.

      what to look for

      Our Office

      The Law Office of Bryan Greenberg is dedicated to providing exemplary legal services to families in the New York City area. 

      ​Over a decade of high-volume practice as a Family Lawyer in different capacities has taught us that when it comes to your family – there are no absolutes. Every family is different. Every family deserves individual attention. That’s what we provide – careful contemplation and consultation of the issues that matter to you. Whether you are looking for a Divorce Lawyer, Family Law Attorney, a Probate Lawyer, a Prenuptial Agreement, a Child Support Lawyer, or a Last Will and Testament package – your case will receive the focus and consideration that you and your loved ones deserve. 

      ​We serve the entire New York City area. So whether you are located in Manhattan (New York County), Brooklyn (Kings County), Queens County, Staten Island (Richmond County), or The Bronx (Bronx County) – we’ll have your back in court, and can represent you in your case.

      We also proudly serve areas outside of New York City, including New Jersey, Nassau County and Suffolk County on Long Island, Westchester, and other New York counties.

      Divorce Lawyer

      When you want a Divorce Attorney, you should look to us.

      ​What are some of the hallmarks of a great Divorce Lawyer – diligence and trustworthiness? Of course. But it also helps to have our years of trial experience, because sometimes you need to fight all the way.

      But of course, as any experienced Divorce Attorney will tell you, going to trial can be costly. If you want to avoid that ultimate outcome but want a good and favorable resolution, that’s when our years of practical experience as a Family Law Attorney come in handy.

      Family Lawyer

      With a Family Lawyer, you need trial skills in order to present your case, and put your best foot forward. But an excellent Family Law Attorney is also a skilled negotiator, able to get a favorable settlement. You need someone who knows the countless permutations, and who can think outside the framework that is your current order or arrangement. Whether it’s time to fight for custody, visitation, a modification or enforcement of an order (or paternity, PINS, juvenile delinquency) – our staff knows the different legal standards and how to prove your case. We then leverage the strength of your case to try to get a favorable outcome earlier in the case, without a trial if possible.


      Child Support

      These are the same qualities that you want in a Child Support Lawyer:

      • knowledge of legal standards
      • trial experience proving cases
      • ability to marshal evidence
      • leveraging strength to get an earlier favorable outcome

      Every Child Support Lawyer knows that child support is a process that is driven by statutes and math, but as with every rule, there are exceptions. We can use these to your advantage in advocating for the amount that is right for you.


      Probate Attorney

      Whether there is a Last Will (Probate) or not (Estate Administration) – you need a Probate Lawyer. There is much to be done and plenty of paperwork when its time to petition the Surrogate’s Court for authority to act for the estate, marshal assets, pay creditors, and make distributions. As careful Probate Attorneys we will discuss your unique situation and try to get you the best and quickest results.

      Prenuptial Agreement

      Who keeps all the default settings in their life? Not you. If you don’t have a Prenuptial Agreement, then the defaults of the State of New York determine how your marriage will operate. Especially if you and your fiancé are approaching your marriage in different financial situations, you really may want to consider a Prenup. With our help, we will review your options and help you make an informed decision.

      Last Will and Testament

      Everyone should have a Last Will and Testament. We promote a basic planning package that includes a Power of Attorney, Healthcare Proxy, and Living Will – for emergency planning to protect your assets and family. If you don’t have a Last Will and Testament, then the State’s default rules on who inherits from your estate will apply.