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Everything in your life is customized to fit you -
Why not make a marriage that is also?

This isn’t about an exit strategy. It’s about defining the terms of your marriage. It’s about communication. And it’s about openness. 
Yes, it can also about protecting what you have fought for, and what has been yours by right, from the default settings of divorce law. But it can also be about providing for the person you love if they are in for the long-haul.
People often ask – “What should I get in my Prenup?” But there’s no one great answer for that. There are only prenuptial agreement options and suggestions made by a knowledgeable lawyer who knows the possibilities and boundaries that the agreement can encompass. Choose us to draft or represent you in your prenuptial agreement process so we can review these options with you.

Our Process

1. Gather Initial Information

What are your goals? Who are you? Who’s your future spouse? What matters to you?

2. Comprehensive Assessment & Analysis

We’ll thoroughly review all of the available options with you, including some we note as options of perhaps particular interest.

3. Draft, Revise, Negotiate, Disclose

Drafting the prenup. Revising the prenup based on any changes requested. Parties prepare disclosures they have chosen to make. Other party gets independent prenup review.

4. Sign & Go Get Hitched

Congratulations! We wish you the best of luck and happiness. You’re one step closer to building the marriage that is best for you.

Diligence & Experience

We’ve spent thousands of hours in court with families who have not stayed together. We know what can go wrong, and how you can customize your prenuptial agreement to build the home life you want. Your marriage – your way.


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Legal Protection

As experienced prenuptial agreement lawyers, we know you have questions. We have the answers you need.

Gather Initial Information

We need to know more about you and your future spouse. Do you have anything you know you are interested in having in the prenuptial agreement? Are there any snags or disagreements already?

What are the assets and liabilities of both parties?

What are your respective debts?

What are your incomes?

Do you already have and/or want kids?

Do you having aging parents you want to support?

Is there something you specifically want or don’t want that you knew about before talking to us?

Comprehensive Assessment & Analysis

There are often things you may have overlooked. And if things change down the line, you can always execute a post-nuptial agreement to change the terms of your marriage as things have progressed. However, it is also our goal to try to anticipate certain changes in the future and to incorporate those into your plans with us now, at the beginning. so you can change things in the future if you like, but it won’t have been because of oversight.

Draft, Revise, Negotiate, Disclose

Our prenup first drafts are usually pretty stellar (because they’ve already undergone some proofing, editing, and revision), but this process takes some time and we want to make sure that we captured everything you want in the prenuptial agreement. Your future spouse should have independent counsel to review and advise them about the prenup as well at this time.
You and your future spouse will have made certain elections of what information to disclose (more is always better), and you’ll each want to prepare these at this time to attach to the final document.


Sign your documents before a notary, and go get hitched!

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