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Custody, visitation, order of protection, child abuse, paternity - you need a family lawyer.

Don't go to court alone - you're not trained in family law, evidence law, and trials.
But we are.

Family law includes so many types of cases – and we’re well-versed in all of them:

Child Abuse & NeglectYES
Grandparent VisitationYES
Guardianship of MinorsYES
Juvenile DelinquencyYES
Modification of CustodyYES
Modification of VisitationYES
Orders of ProtectionYES
Parental Alienation of AffectionYES
Paternity DisputeYES
Paternity EstablishmentYES
Persons in Need of SupervisionYES
Surrender of Parental RightsYES
Termination of Parental RightsYES
Visitation ViolationsYES

Whether your case is as simple as one of these, or a hybrid of many – it’s never problem for us. We’re great at crunching more complex facts and intertwining cases to fight for the rights of our clients.

Our Process

1. Gather Initial Information

Your goals, the orders and petitions, the parties – and your side of the story. We want, we need, to know it all.

2. Assess & Investigate

Review the existing facts, history and applicable statutes and case law to design a legal and practical strategy. Screen for evidence, employ experts to find more.

3. File, Discovery & Prep

Cross-petitions, supplementary petitions, answers, subpoenas and discovery demands and motions. Preparation of evidence and witnesses.

4. Negotiate or Trial

If we can’t find common ground – we’re going to trial.

Trials & Tribulations

Our excellence in court and trials makes us the best choice for a family lawyer. A decade in court, thousands of arguments appearances, and hundreds of trials has honed our legal skills – and you don’t have to employ those trial skills for them to be a sharp and valuable tool to have at hand.


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Legal Protection

As experienced family law attorneys, we know you have questions. We have the answers you need.

Gather Initial Information

Tell us your goals, send or bring in all the prior orders and already-filed petitions. Verify the names and relationships of the different parties involved in the case. Tell us about your side of story – why you think you’re in court, what the other side is going to say, and what other events and facts are left out of the petitions already filed?

If kids are involved – who’s on the birth certificates

What are the blood and historical relationships between the parties

What are the most important things that happened before the chain of events that led to court

Assess & Investigate

Review prior court history. Review the pleadings and factual descriptions. Review existing case law and statutes to develop a legal-side strategy. Discuss various practical strategies that help people both forward-looking inside of court and outside of the courthouse. Screen for various forms of evidence and ascertain what other records and witnesses would be helpful to obtain for trial purposes. Obtain process servers and private investigators and other experts to obtain further evidence when necessary.

For Example:

Police records

Hospital records

Educational records

File, Discovery & Prep

If we’re filing a cross-petition or supplementary petition, or formal, written answer – drafting, verification and execution of those documents. Draft and submit discovery demands and records and witnesses subpoenas when applicable. Prepare you for testifying in court, prepare other witnesses to testify. Pre-trial conference in order to ascertain cross-examination material.

Negotiate or Trial

Family law attorney negotiation strategies comes into play here. As your family lawyer, we’re on this though. We’ll keep you apprised of developments and offers. The final decision is yours, but we’ll be making recommendations and suggesting strategic moves we can make along the way (that’s the sign of a hallmark family law attorney).

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