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About Us

Family crises and conundrums happen. You can rely on our values to help anchor you to weather any storm. Our practice isn’t just about doing what is right – it’s about doing our best each day to provide the finest family legal services and continually raising the bar. Whether you’re going through a divorce, family law dispute (custody, visitation, or child support), probate (of a last will) or estate administration – you can lean on us to help get answers, and count on us to get results.

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Confidential Technology

We offer a full-service client portal providing 24/7 access to documents, private messaging, upload new documents, and handle invoices.

Why Clients Choose Us

A History of Family & Court Success

Our core values set us apart from our competitors:
Loyalty to our clients.
Honesty to navigate the case to a successful outcome.
Innovation to improve our practices each day.

Courage to stand for justice against fierce opposition.
Creativity to find novel arguments in the law.
Perseverance to stand with our clients in good and bad times.
Commitment to our principles, ethics, and our client’s cause.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for my attorneys fees?

Strategic legal methodology in your corner during your crisis.

Tactical legal planning and execution – how and what to present at a trial or hearing.

Legal and professional handling and management of your case.

Best practices preparation of key legal documents to define and protect your future.

Analysis and advice of your fact patterns – how does what you want comport with existing principles and laws, what are your options under certain circumstances.

Professional representation in court: present your best self.

Do you give free consultations?

We give free consultations after the fact. After being retained, if you’ve paid a private consultation fee (not one payable to a referral source) we will reimburse your consultation fee into your client trust account or otherwise provide credit towards your first bill or flat-rate service.

Why don't you give totally free consultations?

There are a few reasons:

Each year we help hundreds of people and many of those are long-standing clients whose cases last even longer than a year. Those cases require many hours of diligent preparation and work and it is simply unfair to current clients to interrupt our workflow on their cases on a regular basis in order to give our time and expertise away to people who may or may not be serious about obtaining legal assistance.

We seek to discourage the actions of certain unscrupulous individuals who seek free consultations in order to disqualify lawyers from being retained by the spouse or other parent or party in their case. 

It matters to us that you, the client, value our time. We discount the consultation fees from our regular hourly rates in order to make it an affordable compromise between people who want to shop for attorneys and we, the attorneys whose marketable production value is quite literally limited by our time.

Can you write a letter for [some legal purpose]?

Possibly. But we are no longer going to engage in limited letter representation or even combination retainers that would involve writing a letter in the first part. There have been too many instances of people changing their minds after further hourly work has been put in. If your legal work does not fall into a flat-rate service you can retain hourly and if you have limited financial means you can avail yourself of our sliding scale services. We also have payment plans available for fixed monthly installments as we want to foster a meaningful and long-lasting attorney-client relationship.

Will you take on my case pro bono?

The best thing to do here is to write us an email or use the contact form on our homepage or contact us page. At this time the likely answer is “no” because of time constraints, and it is because we are already engaged in many panels and boards and groups that provide legal services to low-income individuals for drastically reduced rates and we also already have a large caseload from those categories.

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